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I am extremely happy with my TPX unit and your amazing service. I will always recommend your products hands down.

John H., Boca Raton, Florida

So here’s my Adaptiv TPX story. Provided a good warning at least 4 times in my last 1200 mile ride. After that ride, I’ve begun to realize that all a radar detector has to do (I’ve never even owned one before) is save you from one ticket, just one, and it pays for itself right there.

Bonehead Move #1: We were on Hwy 36 and just runnin’ through the curves, good times, takin’ it easy really. Hwy 36 near Red Bluff has these sequences of curves and pop-up hills (you can get airborn- seriously), then straights. We came into the straight and I had the bonehead idea to blast on over to the next sequence- which I could see good mile ahead. Dead straight. Busa country. Just as I tuck in to roll on the throttle, put my chin down on the tankbag and the LED Alert goes off. Rolled off and then there he was, CHP with a car pulled over on the very far side of the straight! Whew! Should have known better, that was a classic speed trap plus I was getting close to the end of 140 miles of twisties. Duh.

Next day: We were on Hwy 89 headed towards Truckee & Lake Tahoe. This is classic CHP huntin’ grounds. Tim was leading and I radioed ahead to him to be on the lookout for CHP. As we rolled into Sierraville (tiny town), sure enough, detector goes off not minutes after I told Tim to cool it. We made the right 90 degree turn as Hwy 89 rolls through that town & there he was seemingly waiting for cars to roll into this small town from opposite direction. Another classic scenario. Part that I was surprised by is detector picks him up around the 90 degree corner.

On to #3: Headed home after 1200 miles of riding for a quick 50 mile jaunt on I-80 to switch roads. CHP love I-80 as it has some steep descents dropping out the Sierra Nevada Mountains. I was expecting speedtraps and they were all in very predictable places. I drop in behind the grocery-go-getter in the middle lane. And the dude in the jacked up pickup speeds into the slow lane and blasts past everybody. Sure enough, the Adaptiv radar goes off. There are 3 CHP waiting at the bottom of the hill! One on the left, two on the right. 3 cops! That was open season.

So here’s your bonus #4: Right at the very bottom of another of the steep decent. Detector goes off right before I crest the hill and start down. Thanks TPX! Ah, but right as my little wolfpack of cars gets to the bottom, he pulls out and follows. Everyone pulls over to the right and prays. He plods on by TPX is having a field day going off. Must be rear-facing radar gun left on. So I decided to have a little fun with that and once he gets just to the edge of my line-of-sight, I pull out and follow him leaving the wolfpack behind. No one else seems to want to pursue the CHP. The TPX goes full strength when he’s line of sight a good distance off. I match his speed and continue following, the TPX radar, continues going off. Even when the road had a slight bend to it and I couldn’t see him, still got a weak 1 or 2 bar alert. Maybe he’s about a 1/2 mile in front of me, far enough to not be too conspicuous, but I can clearly see the Explorer. Road straightens out, back to line of sight, and detector goes full strength. Over small rises, back to 1-2 bars. I followed him for at least 5 miles matching his speed and detector was going off the entire 5+ mile stretch beepin’ and flashin’. Interesting experiment in how the radar detector works.

Tim M., Camino, CA

Make a long story short, turning off I-19 and on to a “no name” road. I was gathering steam to make a run on a beautiful downhill sweeper. It may be best to leave roads and locations out. I was somewhere far north of a ton, when I heard a K beep from the TPX and decided to pay attention. In short order I saw the DPS unit traveling towards me in the on-coming lane. Phew!!! I was happy since I was on a short segment of this road and was sure I saw the only highway patrol unit in the area. Shortly there after I came up on a semi and as I started top go around him over double yellow, the K-signal was heard again. I got off the gas and tucked in behind the semi. Soon I saw another DPS unit on the right the officer was writing a ticket for a four wheeler pilot. This scenario played out twice more before I got off this stretch of the road to head for home.

It may sound like I am a reckless rider but actually I am not. Usually this road is less traveled and it is not unusual to cover all 16 miles without seeing any traffic at all. But this past Sunday 4 DPS units were operating on this short stretch. Bottom line is without the TPX unit on my motorcycle I would have been heading to jail and not home. Since I used a Valentine radar detector jerry-rigged on another motorcycle some years back, I can say that the TPX is the better unit on my motorcycle. The way the TPX and the headset work together is something to experience. The signals are clear and unmistakable and provide a measurable increase in peace of mind, adding greatly to enjoyment of my ride.

Les S., Tucson, AZ

I wanted to say thanks; I bought your Radar detector and within 4 months it saved me so many times. I realize I get carried away sometimes and frustrated and careless on the California free way but I know I have to slow down. Track days are my chance to open up my GSXR. I should have put it in my car, a week before I deployed to Iraq I must have triggered a photo camera in my 1969 mach 1. I just got the ticket and photo in the mail… Anyway money well spent and thanks. I wondered if you had a cool t-shirt promoting or a sticker or patch for the radar detector you might send to me out here in Iraq. The boys I am with would get a kick out of it!

GySgt Kevin C., Baghdad, Iraq

Thanks for coming up with this great radar detector. I have used your detector for 5,500 miles on my K1200S and cannot say enough about the features, function and early warning front and rear. I can’t say enough, waterproof, visual, and ear pieces have worked so well that I would recommended this radar detector to everyone that has a motorcycle. A job well done by adaptive and I look forward to any new products or upgrades that may be coming.

Dennis H., Accident, MD

Hey Guys I just wanted to let you know I think your radar is great! It’s kept me from getting numerous tickets. Something that means just as much to me is your customer sevice is great thanks alot. I have your Radar, mounts, and TPX Visual Alert on all three of my scotters. 1964 Pan Head HD, 2005 111in. S&S Custom, and a 2009 Fatboy HD. I’ve been riding for over 40yrs. I wouldn’t go anywhere without your Radar. Oh yea I’m riding to Pennsylvania leaving from Alabama in May I’ll let you know how it goes. Keep it in the wind!

Robert J., Luverne, Alabama

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