Radar Detector FAQ’s

+ Are radar and laser detectors legal?

In the United States, radar and laser detectors are legal in passenger vehicles and motorcycles in all states with the exception of Virginia, Washington D.C., and military bases. Radar and laser detectors are illegal in the U.S. in commercial vehicles weighing over 10,000 lbs.

In Canada, radar and laser detectors are legal in the provinces of Alberta, British Columbia, and Saskatchewan.

+ How well does the TPX Motorcycle Radar and Laser System perform?

The TPX System has been performance certified by Speed Measurement Laboratories, Inc. Speed Measurement Laboratories is an independent laboratory that specializes in the testing of radar and laser detectors. It is regarded by many as the foremost expert in the industry. To obtain this certification, the TPX had to pass the same exact tests as other brands such as Valentine, Beltronics, and Escort.

The TPX System also received a Four Star rating from Radar Roy, a retired police officer and a certified radar instructor with over 25 years of experience in the radar detection industry.

+ What radar bands does the TPX System detect and does it offer 360 degree protection?

The TPX System detects ALL radar and laser bands used by law enforcement agencies throughout the US including X, K, and Superwide Ka bands. It also provides 360 degree protection against both radar and laser.

+ How is the TPX System different than other radar detectors?

The TPX is a fully customizable, complete system designed specifically for motorcycles. When used in conjunction with the model specific Mount, Wireless Headset and/or Visual Alert, it safely and effectively alerts you to police radar and laser signals. In addition, its angled LCD, large buttons, and water, vibration, and shock resistant design all add up to a combination of features you won’t find in other radar detector system. Simply put, we’ve thought of everything.

+ How does the TPX compare to the other radar detectors?

Our field testing has shown the TPX’s radar and laser detection performance to be on par with some of the most expensive automotive radar detectors available. This testing has been verified by Speed Measurement Laboratories, the most highly-regarded, independent test lab in the industry. With motorcycle-specific features that aren’t available on any automotive detector, you won’t find a better system for your bike.

+ What accessories do I need other than the TPX Main Console?

You will need a Mount. Check out our Custom Mounts & Cradles page to find the appropriate mount for your bike. These are custom designed Low Vibration Mounts for your motorcycle. Each designed for your specific model. Give us a call if you need help. We will resond within 24 hours.

If you wear a full or open face helmet, we recommend the TPX Wireless Headset.

If you don’t wear a full or open face helmet, we recommend the TPX Visual Alert.

If you have an existing communication or audio system that you want to connect the TPX system to, you should contact the manufacturer to determine the appropriate wiring connector. The TPX system provides a 3.5mm mono, female output jack for this purpose.

+ Can I use the TPX System in more than one motorcycle or in my car?

Yes. The TPX System is designed to be easily removable for use in multiple vehicles. If you want to use the system in another motorcycle, you will need to purchase the appropriate Mount, a TPX Wiring Harness, and a TPX Visual Alert (if you are using one) for each additional bike.

If you want to use the TPX System in a car, you will need to purchase the TPX Automotive Mount. Note that the angled LCD screen is optimized for motorcycle riding positions. While all the features will work in a car, it may be difficult to see the LCD screen when mounted on some dashboards.

+ Will using the TPX System guarantee that I won’t get a speeding ticket?

We wish we could say yes, but the answer is no. While the TPX System is extremely effective in detecting police radar and laser signals, there are a number of other methods that law enforcement agencies occasionally use to enforce speed limits that do not include the use of radar or laser.

+ What is the warranty period for the TPX Radar Detector?

1 year from date of purchase.

+ What about the guaranteed return policy??????

30 days from date of purchase we will refund your purchase. You are responsible for shipping it back to us.

We are so sure you will love this handy device that returns are very infrequent.

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